Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A week of birthdays.

This past week has been, birthdays, sewing, and of course visits with Bonnie and Bella. My son in law Trev had a birthday...not sure how old he was (just old).  We went out for a family dinner.

Trevor, Bella and Bonnie

My baby boy Adam had a birthday this week also, he turned 26. The picture below is from Bonnie and Trev's Wedding reception with some old family friends, and Greg. Adam is centre back. 

I have also managed to bind two quilts that i have had finished for quite a while.
This is a pattern for a snowman alphabet that I bought when Greg and I visited Vancouver a couple of years ago........  Its hand stitched in a varigated thread.  I luuuuuv Snowmen.

This quilt is called Fairyland.  Its hand appliqued.  I sewed all of the appliqued while Greg and I were staying in Melbourne for a few weeks.  I'm pretty sure this will be given to Miss Bella.....hope she'll like it.

Monday, 20 August 2012


I was given a pattern for a Twisted Bag......first one I made was a failure as I used a small picture panel in some of the squares, and because the bag is twisted all ended up on their sides.....

But I suceeded the next time.....

They were such fun to make...and can be adapted, made bigger by using larger squares, completely different by using other fabric colour ranges.

I made this one into a basket by placing stiffer interfacing in the lining....would be great for the sewing room.

This is a little bag.

Another view.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


On Saturday night Bella had a sleepover at Nannys.....on the sunday we put on her gumboots and did some gardening.....she enjoyed  being out in the sunshine, helping me pull some weeds, she also like to have a taste of the dirt every now and then......

I've done very little bit of sewing over the last week....I've had  a sore thumb/ thats my excuse.

Found a new pattern that i absolutely have to make.....its by Kookaburra Cottage, and I can just imagine it in muted colours.

This week hasnt been that exciting, just work and home......till next time.....

Monday, 6 August 2012

Some new things.....

Yesterday we received a beautiful range of Nancy Holverson fabric in.....Ive been waiting for it for a little while.  So I bought home some projects to rustle up.  There is a growth chart and  which I'm gonna make for Bella and also a couple for shop samples and a little wall hanging with her name on it.

The boys version. 

These two table runners are made with the Annie Downs Christmas Panel and the co-ordinating range of fabrics.  The pattern was an idea of Jennys.  I luvd making these, and there are so many variations that you can do.

This quilt is made using a panel that you cut into 3 peices and then piece back together.
Endless possibilities with this design.

Okay updates finished, I'm off to visit my gorgeous Miss Bella.......


Sorry for the delay in updates....but today I'll make up for it with a couple.

I have been very busy, working, visiting Miss Bella and of course sewing.

A couple of weekens ago a few of my sewing group girls got up VERY early and caught the train to Melbourne to the Quilt fair.  

Simone having a little snooze.

Narelle and Jeanette on the train.

Lots of looking was done, lots of buying also.......
My to do list has increased dramatically.