Thursday, 28 June 2012


Sorry for the delayed update.....gotta get into a pattern for regularing posting on here.

This week was my 30th wedding anniversary.....a sad time, but lots and lots of memories.

As an avid quilter/craft aholic I always have ideas,  going around in my head.

I think I'll need to live to 200 just to get them all finished.  

I've  been busy ironing on and preparing applique pieces for an adorable quilt that I am going to make. The end result will be spectacular, I'm quite excited about it.  dosen't take much to keep me happy.  Its called The hidden Forest and is designed by the Vintage Spool ( I cant post a pic as it is copyrighted). 

I'm also busy stitching some squares for a small Christmas wall hanging......along with quite a few other projects that I have on the go at the moment.

The fact that I work in a wonderful quilting store LilyLane doesnt help my obsession.....

Till next time.........happy quilting..........

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