Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Just had 4 days in Tassie seeing my my brother and my mum who were both in different hospitals there. Also got to catch up with family and some very dear friends.  Thanks to my sister for taking me......

Today was my first day of radiation..I'm a little worn out and I sort of feel like u do when your achey from the flu......buts its one day down  and 3 more to go.

I'm off to centerlink tomorrow.  I have an appointment with their Dr so that he can decide if I should still have to work or not......never mind that my gp has already filled in all the relevant paperwork about this.

Had a visit from some long time family friends who drove all the way from Melbourne, had a lovely roast dinner that Adam prepared.....and then they turned around and drove home again.  That's caring isn't it!!!! Thank you Sue and Mel

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  1. Oh Trish, that's so nice of your friends. Hope you're feeling better tomorrow! xx